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Historic Photos of NYC

Let our old, historic photos of NYC take you back to a time when art deco was in its infancy, New York subway rides were a nickel, police walked the beat, NYC doctors made house calls and phone calls were made in telephone booths.
Wall Street, NYC 1926 Times Square, NYC 1925
NYC was a growing metropolis in the 1920s and 1930s. Many of these photos of old New York reflect the trend of the times, called art deco. This style flourished in New York, Chicago and other American cites and contrasted with the older iron clad and Victorian styles of architecture that preceded them.

Prohibition was the talk of the town then and people flocked to the speak easys, dancing to the music and drinking the night away. As soon as one speak esay were closed down by police, another one would appear

Photographer Joseph H. Sachs (1901-2000) draws us into this time period, with photos that entice us to become not just an observer, but also a participant, with a feeling that you are almost living the times of the early 1920s and 1930s in New York City.

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